Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Episode 78: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [December 2014]

Episode 78: Fresh and cutting edge tracks, selected by Subvert HQ Singapore’s own Zul.

Download via iTunes:

Track list:

01. Ruffhouse - Pellet [Alignment]
02. Pattern - Draft [Alignment]
03. nClear - If This Then That [KosMos Music]
04. Ulterior Motive - Chapters [Metalheadz]
05. Ulterior Motive - The Rattler [Metalheadz]
06. Clarity - Surge [Samurai Music]
07. Clarity - Reflex [Samurai Music]
08. Clarity - Inclination [Samurai Music]
09. George Commix - Ghost Loops [ThirtyOne Recordings]
10. Vroom - The Key [ThirtyOne Recordings]
11. Marcus Intalex - These Days [ThirtyOne Recordings]
12. Bungle - Changes [ThirtyOne Recordings]
13. Alix Perez - Forsaken (Calibre Remix) [Shogun Audio]
14. Hybrid Minds - Trauma (Lenzman Remix) [Spearhead]
15. Anile - Time Like Mine [Med School]
16. Anile - Voidrants [Med School]
17. Lynx - Where Are You [Hospital]
18. Paul T and Paul SG - Lonelier Than Before [Alignment]
19. Hybrid Minds - Take It Away (Saxxon Remix) [Spearhead]
20. SCAR - Treading Water [ThirtyOne Recordings]
21. BCee - Typical Description (Calibre Remix) [Spearhead]
22. Synkro - Someone [Apollo]
23. Synkro - Transient [Apollo]
24. Ruffhouse - The Max Headroom Intrusion [ThirtyOne Recordings]
25. Blu Mar Ten - Night Shift [Future Sound Of London Remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
26. Vaccine - Electrolyte (Decryption Part 2) [Auxiliary]

Time: 61:48

Recorded: Dec 16 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

BMT028: Blu Mar Ten - Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 4

A fitting finale to the Famous Lost Words remix series, Blu Mar Ten is pleased to welcome The Future Sound of London to Blu Mar Ten Music.

Blu Mar Ten - Night Shift (Future Sound of London remix)

Hand-stamped, 1-sided 10″ vinyl.
Strictly 300 copies, never to be repressed.
Hand-numbered, 1 to 300.
Only available at
Free WAV and mp3 copies with every vinyl purchase.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Loops Collective: 16th Anniversary Mix by Subvert HQ (Singapore)

This year, our friends from Kuala Lumpur - Loops Collective - will be celebrating their 16th anniversary. They've asked us to compile a mix, and we are only to happy to oblige. We hope you like this one. Happy Birthday DJ Low and crew!

Track list:

01. Machinedrum - 2 B Luvd [Ninja Tunes]

02. Kid Drama - What Do You See [Exit]

03. Om Unit - The Crossing [Metalheadz]

04. Blu Mar Ten - Thin Air (Kid Drama Remix) [BMT Music]
05. Lenzman - Fade Away (feat. Jo S) [Soul:R]
06. ST Files and Response - Hard Times (Ingredients)
07. Lung - Rollerball [Hospital]

08. The Invaderz - Love Vibrations [Commercial Suicide]
09. The Invaderz - Getting So [Commercial Suicide]
10. Seba and Paradox - Delusions [Secret Operations]
11. dBridge - Death Of A Drum Machine [R&S]

12. Ruffhouse - Strangers [Ingredients]

13. Digital - Fire [Tempo]
14. Silent Witness - Ballistix [Dispatch]
15. Gamma - If You Go Away [Dispatch]
16. Kid Drama - One 6 Eight [Exit]

17. J:Kenzo - One Drop [Exit]
18. J:Kenzo and Rhianna Kenny - Eyes Wide Open (dBridge Remix) [Tempa]
19. Loxy - The Author (feat. Genotype) [Architecture]

20. ASC - Ubik [Blackened]

21. Synkro - Progression (Indigo Remix) [Exit]
22. Croms - Invisible Cities [Exit]

23. Commix - Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix) [Metalheadz]
24. Instra:Mental and dBridge - White Snares [NonPlus]

25. ASC - Focus Inwards [NonPlus]

26. ASC - Absent Mind [NonPlus]

27. Hybrid Minds - Unfold (dBridge Remix) [Spearhead]

28. Machinedrum - Rise N Fall [Ninja Tunes]

Time: 63:45
Recorded: Nov 19 2014
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Episode 77: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [November 2014]

Episode 77: Fresh tracks and deep vibes, Subvert HQ style. Download via iTunes:

Track list:

01. Om Unit - Understand [Metalheadz]
02. Om Unit - The Crossing [Metalheadz]
03. Zul + Diphasic - Distractions [unreleased]
04. Hidden Element - Just Do What You Do [Clear Conceptions]
05. Seba + Paradox - Delusions [Secrets Operations]
06. Spirit - Reality [Warm Communications]
07. Scar - Ruby [Metalheadz Platinum]
08. Digital - Downtown [Ingredients]
09. Spirit - Babylon Call [Warm Communications]
10. Loxy - White Lotus Technique [Architecture Recordings]
11. LM1 + Indigo Sync - The 591 (Future Engineers Remix) [Offworld Recordings]
12. Digital - Red Tape [Ingredients]
13. Nucleus + Paradox - Prism [Samurai Music]
14. Cern - Peaks (feat. Overlook) [Dispatch]
15. Loxy - State Of Mind (feat. Genotype and Mortem) [Architecture Recordings]
16. dBridge - Kill Time [Pleasure District]
17. Instra:Mental - End Credits [NonPlus+ Limited]
18. ASC - Missing You [Auxiliary]
19. Om Unit - Ulysses [Civil Music]
20. ASC + Synkro - Borderline [Auxiliary]
21. Bop - Blurred Memories (feat. Synkro) [Med School]
22. Kimyan Law - Eclairage [Blu Mar Ten Music]
23. John Carpenter + Alan Howarth - Escape From New York Main Title [Silva Screen]

Time: 56:12
Recorded: Nov 8 2014
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Doc Scott - Future Beats Radio Show 06-11-14

Doc Scott : Future beats radio show - broadcast 06.11.2014

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Upfront 004: Synkro

For download, track list & more info on this/other Upfront mixes head here >>

The fourth in a new, audio-only mix series.

"This mix basically represents my journey so far with a lot of exclusive material in there from myself and a few close friends (Bering Strait, Seers & Djrum). Some of my new tracks take elements from previous work, and others are completely new ideas that I have only recently finished. It's been great fun putting the mix together and it kind of feels like a mini album in some ways." - Synkro

Monday, November 10, 2014

IΛ009 Podcast - GREMLINZ - Inception Λudio

IΛ009 Podcast - GREMLINZ - Inception:Λudio

I:Λ - Brings you closer to the Λliens , Λlien Drum n Bass , Recorded Area 44
Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind , Human-Initiated contact with Extraterrestrials


(Download Here)


Released by: I:Λ / Inception:Λudio
Release/catalogue number: IΛ009 Podcast

Suki Quasimodo - Party PüPü Ikuzo A/W Promo Mix 2014

Track list:

@hade-1 ~ R A S H A D
@pawnsound ~ Your Words (@moresounds Remix)
Ghetto People ~ Warlock
Dillinja ~ The Angels Fell (Original Mix)
G Jones ~ Drift
Tim Reaper ~ My Own Flying Island
Consequence & FIS ~ Cultural Trauma
Diphasic ~ Alaska
Om Unit ~ The Hand
Machinedrum ~ eyesdontlie
Ruby Goe ~ GETONIT (EAN Refix)
Dub Phizix ~ Happy 5
Jack Sparrow & Baobinga ~ Transpennine Express
S.P.Y & Kasra ~ Surface
Mutt ft Kevin King ~ Conversations
Lenzman ~ Empty Promise (Jubei remix)
FootMerc ~ Deep In Love
Dj Rashad & Gant Man ~ Acid Life
Sinistarr & Tim Reaper ~ Rave Juke
She's Drunk ~ MashMash
Kode9 ~ Xingfu Lu
Om Unit ~ The Red Curtain
Ruffhouse ~ Next Phase
Alix Perez, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn ~ Make It Worth
Dillinja ~ Sovereign Melody
Fracture ~ Loving Touch

MissFortune - Circles Podcast November 2014

MissFortune brings you the latest Circles Podcast, full of the freshest, liquid beats for this Autumn.

Track list:

1) Furney - Foundations (Soul Deep Recordings dub)
2) Dramatic & Arp1 - Strormtrooper (LDM Music dub)
3) LJ High - Jazz Finger (Dub)
4) Soul Connection - Break It Down (Dub)
5 ) Scott Allen - Dreaming of Darkness (Dub)
6) Phase2 - Oscar (Dub)
7) AKA & Wyman - Solar Haze (Dub)
8) Phase2 & Payback - Untitles (Dub)
9) Calibre - Show Me - Sneaky Sound System
10) Phase2 - Plain Sailing (Dub)
11) Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - Sight Unseen (Dub)
12) Furney - Laputai (Dub)
13) Scott Allen - In This World (Dub)
14) Thiago Pery & Apse - Jah (Dub)
15) AKA - Don't Keep Me Wanting (Dub)
16) Furney - Une Femme De La Lissome (Sheer Velocity Dub)
17) Furney - MDMA (Soul Deep Recordings Dub)

SSS Podcast #133 : Hybris

Track list:

1. Hybris – Northeast Groove
2. Mako – Planet Physical
3. Xtrah – Directive
4. Hybris – Tweakers
5. Misanthrop – Deadlock
6. Hybris – Night Boss
7. Hybris – Crumbled
8. Hybris – Aurora
9. Hybris – Gravitron
10. Safire – Homeland
11. Rido – Faith
12. Noisia – Leopard Slug
13. Hybris – Subversion
14. Xtrah – The Base
15. Hybris – Agent
16. Hybris – So Yum
17. Hybris – Head to Toe
18. Hybris – Garbage Truck
19. Hybris – Mind Grind

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Kimyan Law - Coeur Calm [forthcoming on Blu Mar Ten Music]

Just 19 years old, Kimyan Law (real name Nico Mpunga), belongs to the African Diaspora. The son of a Congolese father and Austrian mother, Mpunga resides in Vienna, unable until recently to return to his homeland due to the devastating Congolese Civil War.

Born on Christmas Day 1994, Mpunga was a melancholic child. A lone black youth studying in all-white environments he was a victim of racism; a difficult and depressing atmosphere which led him to find respite and consolation in music. Making recordings using instruments improvised from trash he soon graduated from using wood, glass and his own voice to a mastery of drums, piano, marimba and flute, channeling his childhood difficulties into creation.

At the age of 12 Mpunga started exploring the possibilities of electronic music, experimenting with primitive looping on a PSP and then pursuing audio-engineering courses, learning so fast he rapidly started tutoring others. The last couple of years have seen Kimyan Law blossom into the artist we see before us today. Deep explorations into his African roots have led him to create complex mosaics of ancient sound with modern aesthetics. A true ‘artist’ rather than the all-too-common ‘engineer’ found in modern electronica, Mpunga constantly talks of the meaning and imagery in his music, referring to his tracks as ‘portraits’.
It will come as no surprise that Mpunga’s highly visual sensibilities do not stop at sound. He is also a painter, graphic designer and video director. A true polymath, a genuine prodigy.

Kimyan Law’s music is a thing of rare beauty. Having its roots in Drum & Bass it flies far beyond the confines of that often-formulaic genre, expanding sonic ranges and disrupting standard arrangements. Mpunga incorporates African instruments and influences into his high-tech set up, achieving a rare organic and human quality amongst the cold electronics. Glittering cascades of tuned percussion are expertly weaved into layers of state-of-the-art bass and the result is a stunning array of romantic and cinematic music that, with its sheer humanity, seduces everyone who experiences it.

Visit the Kimyan Law site or follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter.